Disclaimer- This review has been written without comparing the original one "Sairat" Story Madhu (Ishaan) is a son of small restaurant owner in Udaipur & Parthvi (Jhanvi) is a daughter of a politician Ratan singh (Ashutosh Rana), they are fall in love with each other & Ratan singh does not like it & he wants... Continue Reading →



Story Soorma is the story based on the life of the former Indian Hockey team captain. He met with the accident after his first International match. He was the highest goal scorer in that tournament & he was the fastest drag flicker in the world so media has given him a name " Flicker Singh".... Continue Reading →

Ant-Man and the Wasp

The story of the film begins where Captain America completes the Civil War, where Scott is an ant-man that has been kept in internment for two years in his own home. That's why we haven't found Ant-Man in Avengers- Infinity war. There is also talk about it in infinity war movie that The "Hawk Eye" & ... Continue Reading →


Why the movie has been given this title,no one can know? This movie test your mental ability that how you are mentally strong & If you will watch full movie you are gone through the test.If you want to say good about this movie, you have to think about those movies which was worse than... Continue Reading →

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

The story has began with to save the dinosaur from ISLA NUBLAR island which is falling down means it is going to be finished by VOLCANO. Lead actress Bryce Dallas Howard with her team wants to save the different Species of dinosaurs & for this she ask for help to Chris Pratt with the help of Mr.... Continue Reading →

Movie review- Bhavesh Joshi:Superhero

Story Two country lovers(Revengers) are trying to save country from corruption & bad politics. They have to pay their everything for it but how they achieve, this movie is about it. Screenplay & Direction The screenplay of the movie is neither good nor bad. Sometimes you feel good about it & sometimes you can't found... Continue Reading →

Parmanu: The Story of Pokhran

Story Ashwat Raina(John Abraham) an IAS officer come with a plan to test nuclear weapon in 1995 to Indian government but they have not listen his plan & they stole the whole idea from Ashwat & try to make it happen but they fails to keep it secret to american satellite & India has to bear... Continue Reading →


Disclaimer:- The film's review has been written keeping in mind the version of Hindi language Above line has to be written because Hindi dialogues from the movie does not match the original dialogue nowhere. Most of them are double meaning. Part -1 was far better than this in terms of Hindi version. From the beginning of... Continue Reading →


Story Raazi is a story of "SEHMAT" A INDIAN spy who was been under covered for INDIAN intelligence in Pakistan. She was a daughter of an Informer of intelligence & took place of her father who was suffering from lung tumor thereafter she gets the training & merry to Pakistan general's SON. After it what... Continue Reading →

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