Annabelle Comes Home

The story starts from the house of a warren couple who are working to remove possession of the ghosts and those people bring Annabelle to her house and keep it in the room filled with all the cursed things, but this doll is so strong that all evil spirits are attracted so that it is locked in a glass box with the warning written on it “Positively Do Not Open”. After this daughter Judy Warren of warrens can also see the spirits like her mother Lorraine Warren & she randomly see the spirits everywhere but she can’t talk about this to anyone because of the bullying of the school students.

On weekends Warrens going out of station on weekend & they called Mary Ellen for baby sitting to take care of Judy. Mary has a friend called Daniela Rios who is inquisitive in nature. She wants to meet her dead father with the help of warrens’ paranormal investigations & energy of this type of activities. She enters in warren’s house & try to open the room which has cursed things. After this what scary things happen this movie is said about this.

Story is written by Jams Wan who is whole & soul of conjuring universe & Annabelle is the part of it. Story is nice but the debutante director Gary Dauberman has done the job like debutante only he is also a co-writer but story can’t may impact with the direction treatment like Jams Wan can give. Film is edited by Kirk Morri & his part is excellent because the pace of the whole film is maintained in fact its going upward as time passes. length of the film is also perfect no scrap scenes are there & content is to the point.

According to previous chapters of the series, this movie has less part of scariness. We can expect that it will be more scary then previous part but we can’t satisfied from it because there are lots of evil spirits are there but no one is as scary as in other conjuring sequences & it’s films. Same thing is happened with “The NUN” also. So now we have to rely on “Conjuring-3” which will be released in 2020. Since one year there isn’t any horror movie put an impact in Hollywood cinema, even Bollywood has more scarier movies than it. In terms of acting Mckenna Grace has steal all the screen presence in the role of Judy Warren & Madison Iseman has also done good job in supporting role. Patrick Willson & Vera Farmiga are as good as always in very short role.

In one word “No one comes”, Not just time passer but also not scary at all. If you are Horror movie lovers, you won’t like it at all & its scary for children not for adult.

Star Rating

2.5 star


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