Kabir Singh(Shahid Kapoor) is a brilliant student of Delhi Medical University with the arrogant type of nature. He is zero in his anger management & he is open hearten person who can’t see time, space & whoever is in front of him. He gets angry very quickly at any time. Priti (Kiara Advani) enters in first year of the college & when Kabir sees her, he fell in love at a first sight. He warns everybody that Priti is her girl so don’t look at her otherwise Kabir will ruined their life. So no one look at her & Kabir & She continue loving each other but will they get married or anything misshaped to them? For this you have to see this film.

Screenplay & Direction

Story of the film is the heart & writer Sandeep Vanga gives excellent treatment to the film. Screenplay & dialogues are well written but differently added spices to it. Sandeep also directed the film & direction looks excellent in fact it is excellent because his point of view to see the things is different to normal people that is why he is successfully directed this film. Some of the dialogues are little bit vulgar but censor board muted most of parts. So as per censor certificate it’s a pure adult film.

Cinematography & Editing

Most of the scenes have shot in Delhi city, there is not any new thing in cinematography. Weakest part of the film is it’s editing because in first half there is no lag, film is running very smoothly but the problem happens in second half, story moves only around Kabir singh only, he drinks liters & liters of alcohols & smokes packs & packs of cigarettes & become self destructive in memories of Priti. There is about 40 mins extra scenes are there, If movie is around 2 hrs. 20 mins It will be master piece but extra length of the film is little bit negative side.


The whole movie is became excellent because of one man “Shahid Kapoor”, A perfect role for him. Any other actor can’t do the justice like shahid. If you are not a Shahid Kapoor fan, you will become after watching this. It is the best performance of Shahid’s film career. The role of Kabir Singh is really very difficult to perform but he has performed above expectations. The role which has given to Kiara Advani, she has also performed very well with real innocence. Soham Majumdar has done wonderful job in supporting character.


Lots of Music directors have composes lots of songs but most of the songs played in background. All the songs are good & situations based. Main part of the music of the film is it’s background score. Music director Harshavardhan Rameshwar has done fabulous job in background music one of the best background score with lots of emotions.

Overall Verdict

Overall film’s treatment is like a treat to the audience with lots of emotions like love, anger, happiness with lots of smoking, drinking & kissing. Watch this for Shahid Kapoor to realize that in bollywood we have this type of real actor other than Khans. It’s Devdas+Terenaam in terms of love concept. At last “Smoking & Drinking is perilous to Everything”.

Star Rating


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