Story starts with an approx 70 years old age man ” Bharat”(Salman Khan) whose body language could not describe & to give justice to the age because at the age of 70 he can do anything easily what a 40 years man can do, so concept wise you can not connect from the first scene. Afterward his flashback comes sequentially from 1947 to 2010 in which how his journey happens & in that journey how he has managed his life with full of struggle. At the time of India & Pakistan partition Bharat falls apart from his father & sister & his father wants a promise from him that “Bharat” has to take care of his family till his father could not come to them. To fulfill this promise he has to take difficult step to live the life & to take care his family. How he takes care, you have to watch this.

Screenplay & Direction

Movie is based on the hit Korean movie ” Ode to My Father ” but screenplay writer & director Ali Abbas Zafar said that “We have taken only Idea or Concept other than this whole movie is different” (Hopefully he have done this thing!!!) but in true sense there is a different movie he has made than the original one. Let’s talk about screenplay. It is not so bad but not so good also It’s OK if we compare with the previous release of this director’s like “Tiger Zinda Hai” & “Sultan”, this both movies has better screenplay than this movie. Direction of the film is good. Some of the shots have taken very well. Very low level VFX has been used without perfection. Some of the examples are 1. Salman & Disha patani’s entry in circus 2. Zee TV’s present LOGO shown in 2010? silly mistakes.

Cinematography & Editing

Sets of the film are so simple because they have to show the main lead hero an ordinary man. Sets are not as much royal but as per different eras costumes & sets are very effective & descriptive the era. Best thing we can say about movie is it’s editing. Because the 5 different timelines are shown in single reel after this much different eras we can’t feel any cut in whole movie & connected to it. Editor Rameshwar Bhagat has done beautiful job.


After all it’s Salman Khan’s movie so in each & every frame he appears other good actors be the silent part of the movies. There are lots of good actors joined the team but very less actors have powerful role which Salman has. We can list the other actors here that Sonali Kulkerni played Salman’s mother she has done fabulous job in it. Kumud Mishra, Jackie Shroff & Disha Patani are wasted & not taken benefits of their talent. Tabu is also done very short part of Bharat’s sister & we can’t comment on her acting skills, it is always good. Best part of the film is Sunil Grover played role of Vilayati Khan & as a childhood friend of Bharat, he has given fantastic performance in whole movie & definitely can be nominated for best supporting actor. Katrina kaif has done also good work but not as compare as Tiger Zinda Hai. Salman khan’s performance is not his best of his career but Salman’s fan will like it very much.


Two songs of the film are already on hit list but other than this two “Zinda Hoon Main” is also a good work from music duo “Vishal & Shekhar”. Other than songs background score is best part of the movie because at some place only background music is helping you out to not feeling bored. Overall music is average.

Overall Verdict

Overall movie is average & one time watch but If you haven’t seen you will not miss anything. Emotional level of the movie is very high but you can’t connect it deeply. Salman khan said that ” Viewers will find each & every thing like Action, Drama, Comedy, Emotions in this film”. He has rightly said but all the thing are in parts not completed one emotion. If you Salman’s fan you have to definitely watch it. Only some last part of the movie is connecting & touches the hearts but all the thing have no meanings.You will also find in between talks about Amitabh Bchchan in 70-80’s afterward 1983 world cup era. 90’s era shown by two superstars Shahrukh Khan & Sachin Tendulker. & At the last the mall culture started in 2010. Overall this is the journey of an ordinary man with extra ordinary efforts to find his father & sister.

Star Rating


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