Annabelle Comes Home

The story starts from the house of a warren couple who are working to remove possession of the ghosts and those people bring Annabelle to her house and keep it in the room filled with all the cursed things, but this doll is so strong that all evil spirits are attracted so that it is... Continue Reading →


Story Kabir Singh(Shahid Kapoor) is a brilliant student of Delhi Medical University with the arrogant type of nature. He is zero in his anger management & he is open hearten person who can't see time, space & whoever is in front of him. He gets angry very quickly at any time. Priti (Kiara Advani) enters... Continue Reading →


Story Story starts with an approx 70 years old age man " Bharat"(Salman Khan) whose body language could not describe & to give justice to the age because at the age of 70 he can do anything easily what a 40 years man can do, so concept wise you can not connect from the first... Continue Reading →

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