Avengers: End Game

Note: No Spoilers

If you want to see at which ultimate extent movie can be made, This is it. Story starts with the remaining avengers heroes who are finding the way for bring back whole the 50% population which has blown out by Gauntlet of Thanos in Infinity War. Ant Man escapes from quantum realm after five years & he found the same thing that 50% of the population not exist. He gave the idea to remaining avengers for making life normal in whole universe. After lots of experiments of his idea how they will success in their mission?, for this you have to go to watch this epic.

You can judge from starting that this is the typical marvel movie. With great story line & screen play  from Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely is excellent. Screenplay will be very hard for this type of movies & This work is like chewing chickpeas of iron. I you have seen all the marvel’s flicks you will live all the characters in you & you will be connected by heart from the first scene & credit goes to these two fellows. Main part of the film is its production which seen like lager than life & Russo brothers have done fabulous job with it. To direct this type of epic drama with the action sequence is not child’s play. They both are walking institute of direction for any director.

If we talk about performance of each & every character whom to talk about because all the characters has poured their blood & sweat to make this movie successful. Some characters has to act reverse of their regular role but they have done that extraordinary. You will see all the characters of MCU in this with the impact full roles of each & every characters in which only some characters have not that much thing to do. Marvell has already made announcement that some of the actors will leave this franchise & you will definitely miss them all. They have get tribute at end credits with their signatures. After watching this credit you will be emotional as a true marvel fan. Editing part is also difficult but all marvel movies made it magnificent with  the true timelines of the movies & link to each other perfectly.

Visual effect of the film is extraordinary & whistle blowing. In the second half you will feel all the emotions in each & every frame. You will cry, laugh, feel happy, feel sad. All these emotions can be felt by each & every spectators. Perfect timed comedy & actions made this movie more watchable. In main war scene you cant resist yourself to blow the whistle & make noise with each & every viewers. That is the success of the makers. Action scenes are less but not too much less they are as per requirement of the script. First half is more elaborative than the action scene because of the long story line with justice to each & every character. It cant be shorter than this because they have to link all the previous films so that can be understandable.

Overall this is the epic drama of all the time & If you are a Marvel Fan this movie has to be listed under title “The Movie You Must Watch Before You Die”. With the extract of all the 21 movies of MCU,Result is “Elixir”, so you have to watch it as soon as possible in Theater with icing of 3D. Some of the people has to do struggle to understand the concept because of not watching previous MCU movies & that is acceptable. Watch it after revision of other Marvel flicks.

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