Story of the “KALANK” is simple as well as complex. It was the dream project of Yash Johar which is completed by his son Karan Johar with more advance technology & lots of money. The 1946 era represents the India & Pakistan partition. Satya(Sonakshi Sinha) wants Roop(Alia Bhatt) to become wife of his husband Dev (Aditya Roy Kapoor) because Satya has cancer & she has no time to live. She leaves the decision on Roop to marry Dev & she agreed for it. Roop sacrifices her life for her sisters & marry Dev. But Dev clarifies with her that their relationship will be have no love only respect. Roop wanted to learn music from Bahaar Begum(Madhuri Dixit) who was the dancer & lived in Hira Mandi which was backward area of town. where she meets with Zafar(Varun Dhawan) working as a black smith. He has no family. Roop meets with him & start to love him. After this things happen where the life of these people will be stopped. For this you have to watch the film.

Screenplay & Direction

Screen play & direction of  “Abhishek Varman” is the main hero of the film though the story of the film is not as impactful. Screenplay has such an effect that you can feel like a play is played in front of you. Each & every camera angles are perfect for frame. Sets are also large than life type & completely describes the effect of 1946.

Cinematography & Editing

Second lead character of the film is it’s cinematography. Binod Pradhan has done fabulous job. Each frame is like the picture perfect & this effect is more value adding on large screen. Lighting of the whole movie is bright, some of the night scenes are also captured well. If any part of the film is not liked, it is editing. Length of the film is big negative part & its becoming boring after some scenes. It could be managed well up to 2 hrs 30 mins.


All the actors have done good job. Each & every characters have enough work to do their part. Director has done well justice to all the actors. Most effective actor is VARUN & actress ALIA. they both have pull the film on their shoulder. Madhuri Dixit has her own charm, no one can beat her at this age. Aditya Roy kapoor is decent personality & he has done justice to his role. Cameo of KUNAL KHEMU is also very good. Sanjay Dutt is in his special appearance role.


Pritam has recreates the classical feel music for this period drama. Background score is OK. Two to three songs are already chart busters. Music is melodious to listen but not much.

Overall Verdict

“Kalank” is not that much entertainer but a simple story with complexity drama. Story is not like realistic. All the things are larger than life. Visual effect of the film is definitely good but it’s long story to make film entertaining. Treatment of the film is excellent & acting of the lead actors is also good. that’s why we like the film so so. If you are fan of Varun & Alia this is definitely a treat for you but If you go for entertainment & action this film is not for you.

Star Rating





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