Ishar singh(Akshay Kumar) is an Havaldar in Sikh Regiment of British Army who is transferred to Saragarhi Fort from Gulistan Fort which is on the border of India & Afghanistan. But why he is transferred?  For his brave & humanity nature. There are only 21 soldiers in Saragarhi Fort & there is no work at there except for transferring massaging from one fort to another fort. Afghani Army attacked Saragarhi fort & war between 21 Sikhs & around 10,000 Afghani soldiers called Battle of Saragarhi & here we called it “Kesari”. How this battle is happened this story describe it perfectly.

Screenplay & Direction

Screenplay of the Kesari is written by Anurag Singh & Girish Kohli. Story is excellent which was also on the Discovery Jeet as “21 Sarfarosh” but it was not as good or famous as this movie because this film has a star it self “Akshay Kumar”. He is the back bone of the film but hero of the film is it’s story & screenplay as good as it’s lead actor. Anurag Singh has directed Jatt & Juliet series Punjabi Movies previously & won PTC filmfare award also. Girish Kohli has written hit hindi movie “MOM” previously & he has shown his talent in it, so no doubt on his excellence. Screenplay of the movie is that much strong that you will feel the era of 1897 really & direction of the film is also like the apex of the mountain. Some of the action scenes are directed superbly & last 20 mins of the movie is we can call it magnificent. 

Cinematography & Editing

The era of 1897 become live in this film. Cinematography is up to the mark which was required for this film. Some of the scenes are picture perfect shots & you can frame it on wall as a master piece. This credit goes to Anshul Chobey. One of the most credited part of the film is it’s editing which is done by Manish More. He has edited the film at it’s best 150 minutes. You will not find any scene is boring or needless. Each & every scene is it’s own importance.


The lead actor “Akshay Kumar” is the perfect choice for this film for the role of Havaldar Ishar Singh. He ha made this character alive. His performance is one of the best performance of his entire film career. Excellent acting skill from the legend. Parineeti has only few sentences to perform her role. We can say she has played only cameo in it. That’s why film maker has given her to special thanks in title credit. Other than Akshay all other characters have done perfect performance. The characters of 20 soldiers are superior to one. They make this movie alive with a lead actor equally.


This is periodic film & influence of Sikhism is seen so music of the film has to be like periodic & situation base. Film’s all songs are situation base & most of are in Punjabi genre . Background score is done by none other than Raju Singh. He has done extraordinary work as he does always. Film is look like as real as you are performing those characters from the background music.

Overall Verdict

This is a patriotic film which is not in real manner but it is for the martyrs of whole India who have fought for his country. No time pass, No bakwaas only to the point. This is the story which was forgotten by us & not much told by anyone in India so Indian people can know that our soldiers are much better than other country. In this film we can see the picture of terrorism also which is we are seeing this time also. Really the tagline of the movie is proven by it ” Bravest battle ever fought “. & The title ” Kesari ” is also done the justice to this film. Because Kesari color itself represents the bravery & Independence. Go to the theater & guarantee for that you will not disappoint. 

Star Rating






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