Captain Marvel

Story revolves around a lead character Carol Danvers who is from planet C-53(Earth). But she don’t know who is she because an plane crash incident wiped off the memory of her & she is introduced as a Kree military unit called Starforce. Her memories appear blurred in dreams but she cant see clear picture. Kree wants some energy source & their enemies are Skurlls who are experts in changing any character like chameleon, so Vers(Carol) go for war with all the Kree members. But Skurlls kidnapped her & Carol will find Answers of her questions.

Movie is a typical marvel flick.Story is not that much impact full but the treatment given by screen writer is awesome. Directors Anna Boden & Ryan Flack are also screen play writers that’s why they have given such uninterrupted treatment. Film is very well directed. But main part of the film is cinematography & VFX as all other marvel movies have. Film era is running in the mid 90’s. Music describes it very well. Setup is also resembles this time like A pager for sending massages is with Fury, Computers are also big desktops & the famous video library of that time. All the things are perfect in terms of graphics.

Nick is with his both eyes & also working as an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D as describe in all other MCU’s movies. He is perfect as always. Lead actress Brie Larson has done fantastic job as Captain Marvel. Development of the character is described very well. Problem with the movie is it’s editing. Sometimes you will not find any part relevant with the film but it is in it. But this type of mistakes are allowed with other parts of the movie  are so perfect.

Finally it’s a perfect film to describe how the Avengers are formed? How Fury lost his eye? some of the answers founded in it. You will also get connection between Avengers’ end credit scene & this movie’s end credit scene. They are also the top notch perfect. After all  this is MCU & it’s a lovely treat for it’s fan & lovers. One time worth watching. Don’t forget to watch end credit scene after all its Avengers-EndGame coming up…

Star Rating



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