Sangram Bhalerao (Ranveer Singh) aka Simmba is born & brought up in Shivgadh where Bajirao Singham was working before some years. Simmba is most corrupt officer & he will do anything for money. He transferred to GOA & met with the main villain Durva Ranade (Sonu Sood). Durva is whole & sole of GOA & Simmba takes bribe from him to protect him.Suddenly one incident happen & story will turn around, now Simmba is against Durva & how will action takes place you have to watch the film.

Screenplay & Direction

Story is fully predictable from the first scene & also this is based on Telugu film “Temper” but not whole movie remake, some parts & scenes were taken from it. Though story is predictable excellent written screenplay is the main focus of the film. Energy level will be always high in film like typically south Indian films. Direction is also well maintained but no new thing in this part. A typical Rohit Shetty style. Some of the action sequences are well directed. Dialogues are well written by Farhad Samji. Also some Marathi words are used in whole film.

Cinematography & Editing

No new thing in cinematography except the song “Tere Bin”. That song is well directed & cinematography is also excellent. The rest part is typical GOA scenes. The second lead character is film’s editing because film hold’s you till 159min long time. There is not any gap between any scene. No frame drop situation, just like pouring the water in glass smoothly. The energy level of the film is always at the peak.


We have talked about second lead character editing but who is the first lead character? Of course our hero Simmba. Ranveer Singh is the perfect cast for this role, it is not that no one else could do it but Ranveer has extra additive charm for this role. First of all he is the versatile in all aspects of the film. He can mould himself in any role & situation. His power pack performance will force you to blow the whistle in between the film. Ashutosh Rana is also an impact on screen in role of Nityanand Mohale. Lot’s of actors from Rohit Shetty team obviously. Sometimes you will feel Golmaal, sometimes All the Best, most of the time Singham. Sonu sood has also done a descent job. Sara ali khan is only for 2 songs like that she has no work to do but her screen presence is good.


2 songs already proven hit ” Ankh Mare” & “Tere Bin” & both of the song has paisa vasool music. When most of time background music is playing like “Ala re ala, Simmba ala”  but it is entertaining sometimes you will listen background music of “Singham” also. On an average music is good.

Overall Verdict

Simmba is full entertainer with all the age group. Rohit Shetty done fabulous job for the typical bollywood movie lovers. Cameo of Bajirao Singham is like “Chaar Chand” in film. A predictable story with good acting & with very good & impact full social massage. Today we are reading news mostly in crime those are of Rape Case. Very thought full massage given by this lighter mood film. So go & watch Simmba. The year for bollywood & for you will be entertaining. First half is average but second half is mind blowing. A perfect ending of the year. At the end wait for “End Credit Scene”

Star Rating








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