KGF: Chapter 1


This is the story of the Gangster!!! Oh… No No. Not Gangster its a “Monster” because he is not wit the gang he is alone. Story starts with the birth of Rocky in Kolar Gold Field & simultaneously gold found by the mafia. Rocky (Yash) wants to be a rich & powerful person at any cost as per his promise given to his mother. After her death he go to Bombay(Yes story is around 1970-1980) to become Don but why because he wants power & wants to become famous in whole world of mafia. Afterward he go to the K.G.F again & become “Masiha” for prisoners who are working for gold mafia. How he will become, you have to watch this.

Screenplay & Direction

One of the best part of the movie is it’s screenplay & direction. There is an magical effect by it in whole film. Story, Screenplay & Direction these three by one handed man “Prashanth Neel” so we can say this he is the really “Monster” for this film. One of the toughest part of the film is it’s screenplay & one of the best screenplay I have ever seen in this film. Story is really complicated but Prashanth has made it simple as much as he can. Direction is also in supportive role of screenplay. Dialogues are also at top notch.

Cinematography & Editing

Cinematographer Bhuvan Gowda also done a fabulous job. The sets of K.G.F & also at Bombay & Banglore also shows the bigger frame. Each & every thing from costume to vehicles are as perfect for the era 1970-1980. Editing of Shrikanth is good but not up to the mark. It seems bit difficult for the movie which is in 2 chapters. Editor as to manages all the sequences for the next chapter also. Narration of the story is good by Anant Nag. Film is little bit long but not boring at all.


One word for the one man army “YASH” is awesome. The next superstar among all will be yash after this film. He has the influence or aura of the Prabhas which was in Bahubali. Actor Ramchandra played the character of Garuda who is the main villain in chapter 1. He has also his own aura in whole film. He acted very well also.This is the  Srinidhi Shetty’s debut film but she has not that much work to do.


In KGF music has played also a strong role. Background score is ear cracker but curious. Gali Gali main song is played by Mouny roy in hindi version. This will be song of the day for some days but not long time. Overall music is good & runs with the story.

Overall Verdict

KGF is the 70’s bahubali we can say that. Of course the big film in kannada industry. It will be the long race runner in each & every language. May be longer than Shahrukh’s ZERO. All the characters, plot, sets are larger than life but well maintained. You can really judge this is the typical south drama but with the good story & screenplay this is very well maintained. Actor Yash will get the Bahubali like fame after this. People will be the FAN of him for sure. A good masala film with all the aspects like Kindness, Revenge, Mother-Son love & prognosis. Action lover go for it without delay, you will get more than your spend. This is the full of entertainer but with lot of violence(May not suitable for children at some aspects) Those who like love story please stay away from it. Waiting for Chapter -2….

Star Rating

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