Story starts with Mansoor Khan (Sushant Singh Rajput) who is working as a pitthoo in Kedarnath temple who is taking pilgrims from 14 km distance to Kedarnath temple. He is very humble & helpful to others. At the other end MAndakini MIshra aka Mukku who is the daughter of a pandit who played by Nitish Bhardwaj an owner of a lodge. Masoor & Mukku met each other when watching India Pak cricket match. After meetings are increasing mode & they love each other.Love Story is bit simple with the true event of Uttarakhand Flood in 2013. Did they met or not? for it you have to see this film.

Screenplay & Direction

Screen play is written by Abhishek kapoor with Kanika dhillon. Kanika hasn’t done a good job in the screen writing as same as Manmarziyaan. Thanks to Abhishek Kapoor who is the co writer in it. So Kedarnath is much better in terms of screen play. Dialogues are not that much impact full. Story is going at the same pace till last 20 mins are remain. Abhishek has done wonderful job in terms of direction. Very realistic scenario created. Kedarnath temple, The beauty of Uttarakhand. He has uses the camera well & takes some excellent shots. Last 20 mins are the crucial one for the director as well as for audience also. VFX work is excellent. Climax is well directed.

Cinematography & Editing

Cinematographer Tushar Kanti Ray has done fabulous job in cinematography department.Some shots of the beauty of the Uttarakhand are brilliantly taken. Each pic frame represents the nature. Editor Chandan Arora has edited the film at its perfect time duration. Film is not much longer or not much shorter. Pace of the film is remains same till the climax starting. End scene is very well edited.


 All of the actors have done beautiful job. Especially Sara Ali Khan is the total resemblance of her mother same expression, same look, same acting like ditto to ditto. You will definitely remember young Amrita Singh who has worked in Betab her carrier starting. At any point of view you can’t say that this is Sara’s first movie as an actor. Sushant is as good as always & he is the perfect casting for this role.Others has also done good job but not as good as better.


Music is not the good part of the film other than Namo Namo not a single song is being remembered till long time. Namo Namo is excellent. Amit Trivedi haven’t takes the effort for making music for it. Hitesh Sonik’s background score is far better than the original music of the film. Sound recording is marvelous at the last 20 mins of the film. Sound effects of the real rain & flood is good. By it you will connect with the film emotionally.

Overall Verdict

So, Kedarnath is the love story of a muslim boy & hindu girl embedded with the event of flood. If you separate a love story & disaster part of the film. This film has not that much of impact.But when they are together it creates different effect for watchable film. There is no new thing in love story but treatment is very good.You can watch is one time. & Definiatly go for it’s VFX & sound design. Estimated earnings 60 to 70 crs.

Star Rating


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