A sequel of super hit movie ROBOT is came with the title 2.0 & that is the upgraded version of Chitti(Rajanikant) for helping the humanity from the fifth force element evil Pakshiraj(Akshay Kumar). Pakshiraj is the bird lover & he worries about birds which are obsoleting from earth by harmful radiation of mobile towers & networks. He commit suicide in the anxiety of bird. After it, he retaliates from each & every human who is using cell phones. He is killing human one by one & how Chitti saves all the humans from Pakshiraj you have to see.      

Screenplay & Direction

Director Shankar is always comes with the good massage for the society in his each & every film. In 2.0 there is also a massage for the humanity & cell phone users. But the treatment of the film is not up to the mark. The weakest part of the film is it’s story as we can say perfectly the screen play. There is not any single dialogue comes with the impact. Very poor written screen play puts the movie at the low level. Director is also in confusion whether he wants to make comedy or serious. He can’t decide in whole movie when he has to add comedy or seriousness. No doubt direction is well deserved but only direction can’t save it. Most of the part of direction is CGI.      

Cinematography & Editing

Good part of the film is it’s cinematography & it’s editing. Editing is very tough job in SCI-Fi movies & Editor Anthony keeps it very well. Some of the scenes are very well crafted. But the length of the movie is bit higher side because the story has not that much charm. Lots of scenes has to be cut which are needless. Sameness of the film is managed very well by editor & cinematography looks good in 3D effect. Best part of the editing & cinematography is at the end song Tu hi re.


Superstar Rajnikant has not given his 100% as we seen him in other films. Only ROBOTIC type acting not saves the entire film. He is OK the charm of him as a Chitti not impact full as previous one. Akshay kumar has done good job in the role of Pakshiraj but we can’t see him in his natural avatar. His entry is also very late at the time of interval so he has the second part only for commanding the movie but he manages very well & at some palaces he is better than Rajanikant. Amy Jakson has done role of Neela- A humanoid robo which is created by Dr. Vashikaran. Amy looks stunning in whole film. 


In not a single frame or bit we can not feel that the music is from the legend A.R. Rahman very sad for music lovers. My be Tamil version will be better but this is from the Hindi version. Not a single song is melodious to listen again & again. Only background score is some how manages well in whole movie.

Overall Verdict 

You have to accept that this not for all even Rajanikant fans will be also disappointed but fans are fans so they have to speak good about it. Akshay kumar’s fans will be quite happy better than Rajani’s fan. No doubt VFX & CGI effect at it’s best but overflow of it kills the emotional touch with the movie. The massage wanted to given by makers is not well managed. Let’s see how much mass impressed with this massage & follow it. Only one time watch in 3D only. You will not anything miss if not to watch. Expectation not fulfilled by it.      

Star Rating

Two & half


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