Thugs of Hindostan


The story begins when Ronit Roy (Nawab of Ronak Pur) become rebel against East India Co.  with It’s rural Clive, but this will not work long time because Clive grabs the throne of Ronakpur by cheating Nawab. Khudabaksh(Amitabh Bachchan) is a keeper of Nawab’s daughter Zafira(Fatima Sana Shaikh) & he is like bodyguard of her.Clive murdered Nawab, his wife &  his son after taking charge of Ronakpur but Zafira & Khdabaksh will be succeeded in escaping. Now They retaliate  against Clive & how will they manage for this you will have to see this film.

Screenplay & Direction

Story writer & Director Vijay Krishna Acharya not done well in story writing but he has managed well in Direction but not up to the mark. Whole story is predictable there are not any twist & turns as well. In some parts it’s good but it lacks the rein after some good shots . Most of the time repetitive action sequences are there, not much creative in the direction part. Some shots are mind-blowing but not first time. People have seen before in lots of movie. Dialogues are impact full because it delivers from the two stars Big B & Aamir Khan.

Cinematography & Editing

Cinematographer Manush Nandan has done excellent job in cinematography. Lots of picture perfect frames are there in the movie. We can say that the pillar of film is it’s cinematography & VFX. In editing part VFX are outstanding but the length of the movie is weak part. It could have been cut up to the 15 min by removing unnecessary songs. The first half of the movie is too lengthy of near about 75 min.


In acting part we should not doubt on Aamir Khan & Big B, definitely they both are excellent. At the age of 76 Big B manages his energy well for this kind of role. The impact of his role Azaad creates the aura among people & viewers also. Aamir Khan in a role of Firangi Mallah creates magic on mind & you will never seen this kind of role in bollywood cinema. He manages all the things Comedy, Drama, Actions & Emotions in one character marvelously. Apart from all this the lead actress Fatima Sana Shaikh superbly performs in a role of Zafira. She does not lag from anywhere & in anything. Thumbs up to her role. Katrina is wasted in two songs. Mohammad Zishaan done good job we can say.


The weakest part of the movie is Ajay-Atul’s music . There is not any of the song is unforgettable. Sukhvinder SIngh is also wasted in two songs. Ajay-Atul can’t creates his magic like their previous one Dhadak. Music that saves the film is background score. It holds the whole film. If overall music was good it will be beneficial for the film.

Overall Verdict

In parts film manages its sequences well. But ordinary story telling style with totally predictable screenplay pull down the overall effect of the movie. It will manage to earn lots of money because of huge star cast & festival time. Film is not boring while Aamir’s role creates some fun brilliantly. Salute to the energy of Big B. Go for some thoughts of freedom & hope. It’s a one time watch on silver screen with good sound effect because it’s not a television type.

Star Rating


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