The Gujarati business tycoon & an investor Shakun Kothari(Saif Ali Khan) is a well known in share market. Each & every market trader wants to meet him & become like him. A small town boy Rizwan Ahmad(Rohan Mehra-A son of actor Vinod Mehra…Remeber him?) is a trader & runs a small investment business in Alhabad but he wants to become like his idol Shakun & for this he come to Mumbai for the thing which each & every person want that is Money. He goes to Mumbai & meet Shakun for completing his dreams. What happen after it you have to watch Baazaar.

Screenplay & Direction

Screenplay of the movie is written by Nikhil Advani who is well known for good movies with two other writers Parveez Shaikh & Aseem Arora. Screen play is really related to movie subject & business language which is used is perfectly fits with the subject. It would be more better or interesting but for bollywood movies you can not expect much. The good thing of the screen play is dialogues & that is the best part of the film. Director Gauravv K. Chawla has done descent job for his debut. Yes this is his first film as a independent director before this he has directed TV series P.O.W. He has managed each & every aspects of the film.

Cinematography & Editing

Cinematographer Swapnil Sonawane could not done good job. Because he has not much work to do for cinematography. Some scenes have good camera angles & shown some landscapes of high-rise buildings.Film’s editors  Maahir Zaveri & Arjun Srivastava have tried hard to manages two flashback stories in same time & in this they become successful in it.


All of the above you will like the movie only by acting of all stars especially debutante Rohan Mehra e has done beautiful job in the role of Rizwan Ahmad. No words for Sail Ali khan because in this type of roles he is the perfect one, before it he has done both the Race like this. You can go for his excellent role of Shakun Kothari. Radhika Apte has done his part very honestly in supportive role of Rohan Mehra. After longtime Chitrangada Singh has done the film, in role of Mandira Parekh & a wife of Kothari. A small but important role she plays.


Music is the weakest part of the movie. One song from the Neha Kakkar’s singles La La La is already a hit so no one wants to listen it again in this film, other song is  “Kem chho” is not very important. Only chhod diya of Arijit Singh makes it’s impact in whole film.

Overall Verdict

If you have knowledge of share market & stock exchange this film is for you. If you are movie lover so this is definitely for you. Those who don’t know about market this film is little bit of weight on their head because lots of business terms & words are used in lots of dialogues which can be difficult to understand. Finally, Maths vs Emotions, A true business film that represents only to the point. No emotions , no bakwaas, pure investment                                                                                                                                          Tip for the investor- Don’t do trade like 100 mtr. race, Do long term trade like Marathon.

Star Rating





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