SUI DHAAGA-Made In India


Mauji( Varun Dhawan ) is a normal man who is doing a job in sewing machine shop & his boss treats him like a dog, his boss has also personal work for him. There is no respect for Mauji at that place. Mamta ( Anushka Sharma ) is Mauji’s wife but after marriage there is nothing between them, Mamta is busy with the work for Mauji’s parents. They all are living in normal village house with lots of money problem. Mauji’s father keeps taunting him for everything. After leaving the job Mauji trying to start his own business with the support of Mamta but there are lots of problem in it so how he success in it whole story describe it.

Screenplay & Direction

Director Sharat Katariya has done beautiful job to make this movie as successful as his previous one “Dum Lagaake Haisha” but in some point this film has little bit low level from it. No doubt direction & screenplay is better than the previous one but something is missing in this. The main hero of the film is screenplay though this film has no content like glamour & any entertainment material. Film definitely holds you till the end.

Cinematography & Editing

Small house, a street in village ordinary people, simple cloths these every things describes a true village culture. Cinematography is good but editing is awesome because the film has no strong subject though a good editing holds you in each & every scenes. Film is running almost at same pace, no much ups & downs in it.


In this type of movies the major part will be dependent on actor’s performance & in this part all the actors have done magnificent performance. Varun Dhawan plays Mauji beyond the clouds, he is the perfect candidate for this role. He has to play only talking character without any dance performance & high voltage fight scene so after Badlapur this is his best performance. Anushka is in always supportive to Varun & without her this can not be possible in it. Some time you will miss the chemistry between both of them & they not seems like a couple. But individually both have done good job. Raghuvir Yadav has played the father of Mauji who is always taunting him in each & every thing. Yamini Das has played mauji’s mother’s role & she has done awesome work in small role with an eye catching acting of her each & scene.


Music is the weakest part of the film. No any song is ear catching. Background score is ok as per situational scenes but not at par. It has to be better.

Overall Verdict

Without any glamour, entertainment tadka , high voltage fight scene film keeps you holding tight with it’s pure Indian soul. This is the simple Indian story that actually made in India & made for India.The expectations was more but it does not achieve that. Those who likes to watch real sense of making the film, this is for you.

Star Rating









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