Rumi (Taapsee) is living with her uncle & aunt because her mother & father died in Amritsar-Punjab . She loves Vicky (Vicky) from long time & he comes every day to meet Rumi by jumping from one terrace to another, He also loves Rum very much but he doesn’t want to marry her because of he is very irresponsible so Rumi gets ready to marry a Punjabi banker Robbie (Abhishek) & a confusing love triangle happens.

Screenplay & Direction

Screenplay is written by Kanika Dhillon who have written lots of good stories & screenplays but in this film screenplay doesn’t sync with the story at all. Direction of Anurag Kashyap is also not up to the mark. he lags in lots of departments. There is nothing new in direction & we expect that because before this, Anurag has given masterpieces. Screen ply holds story little bit but a weak story line can’t save it. Anurag have used the twins Poonam & Priyanka very well & both are eye catcher but why they have used anyone can’t know.

Cinematography & Editing

Some shots are taken nicely but nothing new in cinematography only repetitive locations are used. We can say editing is very good because it holds the whole film although the story is poor & that’s why we can say the hero of the film is editing. Some moments you will feel when the interval will happen & you will feel that the film is going to very long. Same thing you will feel that when the climax will happen since it is happening too long.


Three leading characters  have done fabulous job because they are already a good actors. Abhishek is doing this project after long break of about 2 years. Effect of the Vicky from the Sanju does not descend & he has done different character other than that. He has entered in his character deeply. Taapsee has done wonderful job again in her role of “Bindas Kudi” as always. After 2 years the comeback of Abhishek is not waste & this is his great start after long time, main positive thing of the film is Abhishek. He suites well in his role & acted very well. Full marks to him. Chemistry between Taapsee & Abhishek is looks strong & both are looking god together.


Music is also a credit side of the film. Amit Trivedi is known for his situational music & here he has done fabulous job. Background score is also good. All the songs are in Punjabi feel & at it’s level best for this movie.

Overall Verdict

Overall with the lots of confusion in love triangle this film can not create it’s mark to the good love story. Lead actress’ character is always in confusion that whom she love? she doesn’t know till the end she wants this or that & when Vicky says  Taapsee that he loves her you can’t even feel the true love but yes, love of Abhishek some how you can judge rightly. So i think makers are also in confusion to make this film. I was also in confusion that what I have to write. So finally if you are Anurag’s fan this is not for you because you will disappoint. If you are Abhishek’s Fan you will be happy to see him to make comeback. It seems Anurag ha done his “manmarzi” to make this love story happen.

Star Rating


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