This is the prequel of the well known horror series Cojuring after it’s two parts. in the previous parts the story lies in 1971 & 1976 & this movie describes the story of 1952-1954. the most danger evil spirit which was introduced in conjuring 2, the nun is about it’s derivation. Story of the film is simple but it will holds you till the end.

This time the director of this part is Corin Hardy not Jams Wan & this will reflect in each & every scene of the movie because Jams has proficiency in making of horror flicks. So in some what manner you will be disappoint in direction part. screenplay of the movie is excellent that’s why the movie won’t be boring. Cinematography of the movie is as good as the previous parts but weak direction can not taken up this. Acting of all three leading characters is OK but Taissa Farmiga is impressive in the role of Sister Irene. Comparing to previous two parts the charm of the movie is missing. We can categorize lower to the both parts.Music score is good, it holds the movie till end. Film describes the evil is most dangerous but can’t really feel it. Editing of this movie is also a good part.

Finally if you have seen both of previous sequels you will not be surprised by this. It’s not better than previous parts but even not better than some of the awesome horror films in bollywood also like 1920 & Pari. If you are a horror movie fan it’s a one time watch. If you don’t watch doesn’t matter.

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