Satyameva Jayate


An ordinary man Veer Rathod (John Abraham) who wants to make India clean from corruption & he is doing this work single-handedly by finishing the corrupt police officers of Mumbai Police.

Screenplay & Direction

Screenplay & story both is written by Milap Zaveri. A story is not an extra ordinary but the treatment of the movie is very impressing. Screenplay of the movie is OK but dialogues are whistle blower. lots of one liners are used in it & each & every has matching with today’s scenario of India. Milap is a master in writing department but he has tried direction also this time. He has done pretty good job but not at the best. Some space for improvement in it. Other things is supporting the direction department.

Cinematography & Editing

Cinematography has no empty space for perform well. Story requires lots of night shots so whole movie you will see in dark phase. In some shots have taken brilliantly like Tajiya Procession. Editing of Maahir Zaveri has done extra ordinary work to make this movie successful. From the starting scene pace of the movie is on 5th gear & not slowing down till the end that is the art of the editor. No boring material in whole movie.


Main part of the movie is the one & only John Abraham & other side Manoj Bajpayee. Both are perfect for this film but John is one step ahead. He has given complete justice to his role in reel & real life. He is the respiration system for this film. Other than John no one will perform as like him. Manoj has also done his part excellently. Introducing actress Aisha Sharma has not that much role.


Music is already hit on the all the music charts. ” Dilbar ” & ” Paaniyon Saa” has done its work very well. But in the background score department movie wins the race. Shiv Tandav Sanskrit chants are playing in all the police officers killing scenes. if you like this types of chants you will like the film. Sound recording of the movie is OK.

Overall Verdict

If you like action movies, this movie is for you. Some of the scenes you will not digest but John makes it happen. Whole film is on fast track you will not find movie boring but sometimes it will be stereotype. In this patriotic season this is the perfect addition with GOLD. This is the treat to watch for John Abraham fans & corruption haters.

Star Rating







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