One bangali man Tapan Das (Akshay Kumar)- A team manager has one dream to make a hockey team & win a Olympic gold medal for India with the recognition of free Indian or independent Indian gold medal & he will try for this at any cost. How he can managed these things you will find in this movie.

Screenplay & Direction

The story & screen play written by Rajesh Devraj with the help of director Reema Kagti. Story has a grip to stick you on the chair & screen play is just like directly written on canvas. Dialogues are written by the great writer Javed Akhtar & he has done just outstanding work.But the main hero of the film is the direction of Reema Kagti. She has proved herself before this in ZIndgi Naa MIlegi Dobaara as a writer & in Lagaan, Lakshya as an assistant director. She has already direct Talaash & Honeymoon Travels Pvt. Ltd. but this is her best work as an independent director.Previously lots of movies has arrived on sports categories & about 3 movies only on hockey. The Olympic game direction is just outstanding & pace of the movie is also maintained. The two story of the same center forward players running on the screen simultaneously in that one is the Himmat singh villager from Punjab &  another is a prince Raghuveer pratap singh (Amit sadh). Journey for the finding hockey players for the national team is captured very well.  Reem wants to show that any player who is either prince or a villager they both are same on the field of Hockey. She has shown this equality very well.

Cinematography & Editing

Era before the Independence & after it shown very brilliantly. You will feel that era either it is the Olympic or the division of India & Pakistan. Editing of the Anand Subaya is also excellent. You will not find any down trend in the continuous frames of the movie but the pace of the movie is little bit of slow after Interval for the short period of times but we can forgive editor for this.


Lots of actors have played the different characters. But one man at the top is none other than Akshay Kumar. Brilliantly portrayed his character as a Bangali Babu & he played it very well. Amit Sadh has done outstanding work as a role of Raghuvir Pratap Singh. Supporting role of Kunal Kapoor is also good. Vineet Kumar Singh is again outstanding in the role of  Imtiaz Shah. Bangali language is very well spoken by Mouni Roy in the role of Monobina Das.


The only loose department of the film is it’s music particularly songs. But the background score & sound recording has fill the empty space of the songs’ music.Sound recording is just magnificent.

Overall Verdict

Finally, Gold is a historical sport drama which creates history to win a Gold medal for bollywood. One of the best movie on the hockey infect we can say best on the subject on hockey. Go for it on this occasion of Independence day. I can give guarantee that you will be not disappointed.

Star Rating







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