A daughter in law saves his family from the terrorism case.This situation has been arisen when a younger son of the family involved in terrorism activities & he has plant the bomb in bus & innocent people die in that bomb blast. Whole city, police officers has doubt on entire family that they are also involved in this type of activities & police arrested the father(Manoj Pahwa) of the terrorist son (Prateik Babbar). Manoj Pahwa was the younger brother of Rishi kapoor & he is the uncle of the guilty son. Taapsee who is the daughter in law of Rishi Kapoor & a lawyer who fights for her uncle in law & his family for the justice. But how you have to see the movie.

Screenplay & Direction

Screenplay writer & director both are Anubhav Sinha who have made movies like DUS,TuM BIN, CASH, Ra one ect. In that movies only DUS was better but not best & This is the best movie which Anubhav directs. Screen play is good but there are lots of dialogue in ech & every scene. We can understand this situation because genre of this movie is a Court Room Drama so we can expect lots of dialogues in it.Very sensitive topic is shown very brilliantly & for that hats of to director. Direction is also good in some scenes we feel darkness & dullness but overall movie is well-directed.

Cinematography & Editing

Some scenes of Banars has been taken nicely. Overall cinematography of the movie is well structured for this kind of movie. Editing is OK, pace of the movie is sinusoidal it has to be in a rising trend as a standard editing practice. But not so boring it’s good enough for this film.


Heart of the movie is Rishi Kapoor & Tapsee pannu. Both of them have done really good job. Other supportive actors are also good Nina gupta seen after long time. Rajat kapoor has seen in the role of Investigation officer but he has a short role. Asutosh Rana has played role of public prosecutor & he has done his part also brilliantly. Tapsee has long career in Bollywood & thanks to south industry for giving such a talented actress to Bollywood. Chemistry between Rishi & Tapsee is excellent.


The weakest part of the movie is its music. There isn’t any impact of the music on the movie. Neither good nor bad. In few scene background music is good overwise ok.

Overall Verdict

Mulk is a meaningful story & film in today’s era of social media. People are blindly believes the masses which are spreading on social media without its authenticity. Anubhav sinha has picked up very sensitive topic for each & every Indian. The massage is If one person of the family is bad that doesn’t mean whole family is bad. It implies that if a person is a terrorist from one community it doesn’t mean that whole community is accused. Film resembles the definition of the Terrorism & in this defination there is not any word says about religion & community. This type of movies are needed in today’s age.

Star Rating


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