Mission: Impossible – Fallout

Eathan Hunt is back with his new mission take out the world from danger, this time the threat is the “Nuclear Bomb” which was set by a terrorist organization “The Apostles” which is led by John Lark but no one is know that who is he & how he runs this organization. That is the secret & you have to find it by watching this Impossible Mission.A former CIA director Alan Hunley becomes the new IMF Secretary at the end of MI-5 & this is the first mission of him. Eathan met with his team Luthar & Benji & they missed the chance to save the plutonium from the terrorist.They have second & last chance to save the world.In this mission CIA agent August Walker ( Henry Cavill ) a new addition to IM series will co operate in this mission on the order of Erica a CIA chief.

This is not the best movie of the MI series. Most of the things are perfect but you will miss something. The direction is excellent some shots are jaw dropping. As same as all parts of MI the mission is really impossible but as per previous movies no more than one impossible missions in parts.Director uses the camera angle very well & chase scene will generate the Adrenalin Rush. Henry Cavill steals the attention in which frame he was. He has done his part excellently. Second strong character is of Rebbeca Ferguson as a Iisa Faust a former MI6 agent. Strong part of this movie is its cinematography & music. Each & every scene fits to the frame very perfectly & eye catching. Music is the always strong part of the MI series movies but in this part It seals your ear. Each & every theme of music represent each scene. Very crisp & sharp background sound in each scene. You will find lots of new bits in different scenes of the movies.Now talking to the role of Eathan hunt- at the real age of 56, he has done fabulous job but we find the lack of energy as compare to previous installments of the movie. He manages well in this part & at this age he has taken the extreme test of his body to do the stunts. Editing is also best & screenplay is like a thriller story telling. But in climax the timing is not proper & this is the Director’s & Editor’s error but huge mistake for this kind of big budget & popular movie.

Finally Mission Impossible- Fall out s the best movie as an individual but not the best as the franchise.Watch for Tom Cruise’s new ideas to complete the mission.

Star Rating


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