Disclaimer- This review has been written without comparing the original one “Sairat”


Madhu (Ishaan) is a son of small restaurant owner in Udaipur & Parthvi (Jhanvi) is a daughter of a politician Ratan singh (Ashutosh Rana), they are fall in love with each other & Ratan singh does not like it & he wants to separate them. But when love comes not any thought comes in mind so Madhu & Parthvi takes the step which is harmful for them & their loved ones. What will happen at the end you have to watch this.

Screenplay & Direction

Screenplay & direction both has been done by Shashank Khaitan who has directed the “Dulhaniya” series with the dharma production & this is the third movie with the same producers. Screen play is the strong part of any movie & in this film Shashank has done it. Movie runs very smoothly without any extra effort. Direction is also good, some scenes are whistle blower & mind blowing. Visual appeal of the whole film is wonderful.

Cinematography & Editing

In each & every frame, the hard work of the cinematographer has been visible.Some breathtaking shots are taken & by seeing this you will be amazed. The whole part of the Udaipur has been captured in very pleasant way.Editing of the movie is also good but in second half some work has to be done on editing part. Some of the shots could have been better in second half.


The most promising part of the movie is the acting of the lead actors Ishan & Jhanvi. Both have done fabulous job. Both are eye catching also. When trailer was released I, personally thought that Jhanvi will steal all the attention at her over Ishan but in movie Ishan has given flawless performance. Chemistry between between both of them is magnificent. Jhanvi is looking very pretty everyone will fall in love with her like love at first sight. Ashutosh Rana was OK. Other supporting characters are Ishan’s friends they have done their part neatly especially Shridhar Watsar as Purushottam has done comedy part also.Two more characters are there for supporting roles one is Kharaj Mukherjee & his wife. Kharaj Mukherjee has given fantastic performance as bangali babu.We can definitely say that Ishan & Jhanvi will be star after this movie & Ishan will be long race horse in bollywood. They have win the hearts already.


Music is the additional plus point of the film. Well choreographed Zingaat is winning heart already but the magic of original Zingaat will be missed.Other two songs are very melodious. Especially title song is excellent. Tune of this song will make home in your mind till long time & that’s the proof. Background music has played supporting role also. Each & every scene & situation background music guides the story further.

Overall Verdict

Dhadak will makes you amazed with its visual appeal. Lead actors will make you happy & will connect with your heart also. Story is good & the film wants to describe that the love will not change everyone’s heart if the person’s brain is full of arrogance. Some social issues has been also described.At the last you will be shocked at the END. It let’s get you thinking & The climax distinguishes this movie from the other ordinary movies. So go for it & you will definitely fall in love with it.

Star Rating


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