Ant-Man and the Wasp

The story of the film begins where Captain America completes the Civil War, where Scott is an ant-man that has been kept in internment for two years in his own home. That’s why we haven’t found Ant-Man in Avengers- Infinity war. There is also talk about it in infinity war movie that The “Hawk Eye” &  “Ant-Man” are in internment.

Hope and Pym are scared to the Scott, because he has stolen the Pym’s suit for Captain America to fight against the Avengers in civil war.The main story of the movie is that Hope’s mother is trapped in Quantum Field and they are trying to bring her out form it.Ant man is helping for it.A new marvel character EVA introduced in this movie EVA was suffering from quantum phasing & for relief from it she also wants power from quantum tunnel made by Hank Pym for rescue of his Wife & Hope’s Mother who was originally WASP. Now what will happen in this movie you have to see that.

Movie’s story is emotional,dramatic & comedy also.You will find some extra ordinary  humor also. The connection between marvel’s movies are excellent, all the movies are in co relation with each other. Civil war was released in 2016 & this movie is released in 2018 that is the real period of internment of Ant-Man that is perfect so hats off to marvel studio. Direction of the movie is excellent some shots are taken far better than first part.One thing is eye catching of this movie is it’s CGI & VFX. Take a bow to its effect which are used in this film for making object’s Very small to very Big in size in few seconds. 3D effect is also good but it’s OK if you will not found in 3D, you will not loose much to watch in 2D. Main part of the movie is Evangeline Lilly (Wasp). Excellent performance given by her in the role of wasp & better than first part. Don’t forget Michael Douglas for his performance as always. Ant-Man & WASP will be seen in next avengers’ movie also.The connection between Avengers & this movie is perfect & you will find this in end credit scene.

Finally it is the marvel flick & If you are a Marvel fan don’t miss it. & If you are an English movie fan it is OK for you.For CGI & VFX artist it’s a treat to watch.

Star Rating


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