Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

The story has began with to save the dinosaur from ISLA NUBLAR island which is falling down means it is going to be finished by VOLCANO. Lead actress Bryce Dallas Howard with her team wants to save the different Species of dinosaurs & for this she ask for help to Chris Pratt with the help of Mr. lockwood ‘s manager Mills(Rafe Spall). But mills’ intention seems not to be good. How Chris & Bryce will save the dinosaurs? The whole film is about this.

We have to wait for another sequel for this film also after Avengers:Infinity war till 2021(Ohh!! GOD) In some parts this film is a remembrance of the first part of “Jurassic Park” & It seems to be better than The first part of the Jurassic World series. Some scenes are shot in night lighting condition & with the background of night & roaring dinosaurs from the top of the Palace its a treat to watch for all Jurassic movie lovers. Some silent scenes are also shot very well. Director  J. A. Bayona has done fabulous job for this film. CGI is the hero of this film obvious because to show each & every time different kind of dinosaurs is not a easy job. Each & every detail of all the 11 different kind of dinosaurs shown in this film is mind blowing. Chris Pratt has done magnificent job, I think one of the best lead actor in all the jurassic movies after Sam Neill. He recreates magic of Sam Neill again on big screen. After this film, in the squeal, dinosaurs & human will live together in the city & what will happen if they lives together? For this you have to wait till 2021.

Main concept of the movie is to save the Fading animals from this earth and they have shown the human love towards the animals. Story teller wants to give a massage that ” Each & Every life must have the rights to live, we can’t treat them as a dumb animal & they have also their life”.

It’s a one time worth watch for all jurassic lovers. So go for it they are waiting for you.Love life & Love Animals.


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