Parmanu: The Story of Pokhran


Ashwat Raina(John Abraham) an IAS officer come with a plan to test nuclear weapon in 1995 to Indian government but they have not listen his plan & they stole the whole idea from Ashwat & try to make it happen but they fails to keep it secret to american satellite & India has to bear humiliation in world. So how the make our country proud & secure the only way to test Nuclear bomb to prove strong ourselves. After this humiliation Ashwat fired from his position though he had not done anything in nuclear test. He has the only dream to make his father proud & something wants do for his country. In 1998 India had new government & they wants Ashwat back to this mission & want to give a chance to prove himself & do something great for his country. So whole story is that how to test the bomb without caught by US satellite & make this mission happen.

Screenplay & Direction

Screenplay of  the movie is pretty decent but there is more time taken to attach it. But after sometime you will get in to it till the end. Screenplay is like that all the things are happening in front of you & we all are part of this mission it seems like that. After few flops (May be only one hit) like Tere Bin Laden, The Shaukeens director Abhishek Sharma has done good job to direct this, he is also a screen write of this film. In some scenes you will feel this scene need not to be here & in some scenes he has done fabulous job most of after interval shots of bomb test. He has created the real effect of the nuclear bomb explosion through visual & audio ( Sound system has to be good ). But overall he has manged in whole film.

Cinematography & Editing

Visual appeal of the Pokhran site is awesome & the credit goes to its cinematographer. Satellite moving in earth’s orbit scene have managed good cinematography & desert area visual appeal also good. SO now we can say that now bollywood can manage VFX or computer generated graphics very well since sometime. Editing is also the positive feature of this film, there is no lag in film timing & scene cutting. It’s just perfect because you will stick to the film & it can not make it boring & more time taking. SCene selection & film timing is just perfect due to this superb editing part. So your time will not wasted in any moment.


All the charterers have given striking performance but John Abraham takes this film to another level with the fabulous support of Boman Irani. He has small role but it’s impact in film is good. Anuja Sathe is playing the character of John’s wife but she has not much job to do expect melodrama in some sequences. So her talent is wasted though she is a good actor. Like her Diana Penty has small role also not as much impact full but better then Anuja. Other actor have given their best to make this mission successful. You all know that john Abraham suits well in this type of role & he has given 100% justice to his role.


There is nothing to do with the music part.There are only 2 to 3 songs which created by music director duo Sachin-Jigar. They have recreate the ” Aavi Re Hu Aavi ” from Gujarati Movie Carry On Kesar version to ” Aayo re shubh din aayo ” but not as good as original version. Only one song made impact is ” Thare Vaaste “. You will feel patriotism in it’s music & words. Background score is more impact full then the songs.

Overall Verdict

In whole the word for the patriotism, for our nation & our forgotten national heroes we have to watch it. But in overall this film is worth to one time watch. If you are a “Saccha Deshbhakt” this film is for you but those people who want to find entertainment, this film is not for them. If you watch this with that feel ” How our heroes have done it in real life ” you will defiantly proud on our nation because at that time if those test were not done we will not compete with today’s all the super power countries. So salute that team who have done this mission successful & Dr. APJ abdul Kalam was the part of that team. we know that from it & our respect is always with him & remains.

Star Rating

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