Disclaimer:- The film’s review has been written keeping in mind the version of Hindi language

Above line has to be written because Hindi dialogues from the movie does not match the original dialogue nowhere. Most of them are double meaning. Part -1 was far better than this in terms of Hindi version. From the beginning of story you will listen the voice of Reanveer Singh & believe me he is not a good story teller. The story of this movie is that, if any small child is able to understand the language of  love then it will stop becoming a bad man in future.The motto of the movie is ” Everyone must get the chance to improve & change himself ” from BAD MAN to GOOD MAN & according to CABLE(A character), time of that change is only 30 Secs.(Really!!). This film is totally mash up of lots of Hindi movies, dialogues are added for sarcasm intentionally & believe me its really overburden. Ranveer Singh does not suit in dubbing at all. You will listen all the Hindi movies name  & it’s character’s names after each & every 5 to 10 min like ” BAAGHI-2″, “JISM”, “3-IDIOTS”, “DANGAL”, “GEETA-BABITA”, ‘KISHOR DA”, “SWADESH”, “PADMAVAT” ETC. There are still many but if all the names to be written for the review, it will be completed in such names. Honestly speaking, in any angle this is not look like Marvel’s movie because more comedy than the extent messed up the whole film. Concept of the film is very good. May be film will be excellent in English Version also. Many satirical have been made very nicely in the film. Acting of the all the stars are excellent. Direction & some perfectly timed shots are also good. The creator of Hindi version have done lot of hard work to match the laughing moments up to some extent but the problem is that they have done extra hard work for it & made a good English movie to bad Hindi movie. Background score is also excellent. Title credits goes to “James Bond” (Why?) because all the Hollywood film lovers have seen the Bond movies & I guarantee they will feel at least once that credits directly copied from it. Some of the action scenes are well created & X-Men(Sorry X-Force) are wasted. Wade tries to kill himself many times but fails to do that. So we will expect Part-3. But no Ranveer this time he can manage Hindi Movie very well but dubbing is not his job & dubbing experts have to do this. So guys if you want some time pass, go for Hindi version & For English version I can’t comment. If you like action comedy so it is for you.

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