Avengers: Infinity War

In the real sense the war in this part is really infinite because the lead character Thanos will return to finish all the marvel’s super heroes, there are lots of things are going around the plot of the film but thanks to editing & screen play that story is intact to its aim. Sometimes you will feel that there are lots of characters are used & they are needless but afterwards you will find that each & every character has its own role. Spider man got his new suit, Captain America with new look, Thor got his new hammer with axe & with new hairstyle.These roles will be continued in next chapter of this saga. One thing you will love of this film is Thanos because the characterisations is fabulous & sometimes you will feel that the original hero of the film is Thanos a super villain. All the super heroes are together can not win war against him & that is the start for next chapter. CGI & graphics are damn good. You will miss the “Hawkeye” with his bow & arrow & other man is Ant-man, these two heroes not appeared in Infinity War but hopefully they will be in Next chapter.Now in the next chapter waiting for the Captain Marvel to protect the universe from Thanos but it will be a long wait till 2019. To see it we have to see this film again for remembrance of all the heroes. I missed The 3D a specially for this movie. So go for it & you won’t disappoint to watch it. That’s for sure & it’s a treat for all Marvel lovers.

Positive points:-

  1. CGI & graphics
  2. Screenplay
  3. Editing
  4. Thanos

Negative points:-

  1. Film length
  2. Justice for the each character up to some extent
  3. Some unnecessary conversation between characters

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