Annabelle Comes Home

The story starts from the house of a warren couple who are working to remove possession of the ghosts and those people bring Annabelle to her house and keep it in the room filled with all the cursed things, but this doll is so strong that all evil spirits are attracted so that it is... Continue Reading →

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It’s a perfect court room drama & especially we can say a true/real court room scene. It involves audience completely with the state of mind. Director also plays with our mind & at some point you will think like a judge after listening both parties arguments. Thats the success of director & screenplay writer. Perfect... Continue Reading →


Story Kabir Singh(Shahid Kapoor) is a brilliant student of Delhi Medical University with the arrogant type of nature. He is zero in his anger management & he is open hearten person who can't see time, space & whoever is in front of him. He gets angry very quickly at any time. Priti (Kiara Advani) enters... Continue Reading →


Story Story starts with an approx 70 years old age man " Bharat"(Salman Khan) whose body language could not describe & to give justice to the age because at the age of 70 he can do anything easily what a 40 years man can do, so concept wise you can not connect from the first... Continue Reading →

Avengers: End Game

Note: No Spoilers If you want to see at which ultimate extent movie can be made, This is it. Story starts with the remaining avengers heroes who are finding the way for bring back whole the 50% population which has blown out by Gauntlet of Thanos in Infinity War. Ant Man escapes from quantum realm... Continue Reading →


Story Story of the "KALANK" is simple as well as complex. It was the dream project of Yash Johar which is completed by his son Karan Johar with more advance technology & lots of money. The 1946 era represents the India & Pakistan partition. Satya(Sonakshi Sinha) wants Roop(Alia Bhatt) to become wife of his husband... Continue Reading →


Story Ishar singh(Akshay Kumar) is an Havaldar in Sikh Regiment of British Army who is transferred to Saragarhi Fort from Gulistan Fort which is on the border of India & Afghanistan. But why he is transferred?  For his brave & humanity nature. There are only 21 soldiers in Saragarhi Fort & there is no work... Continue Reading →

Captain Marvel

Story revolves around a lead character Carol Danvers who is from planet C-53(Earth). But she don't know who is she because an plane crash incident wiped off the memory of her & she is introduced as a Kree military unit called Starforce. Her memories appear blurred in dreams but she cant see clear picture. Kree... Continue Reading →


આ વાર્તા છે એક એવા યુવાન ની કે જે બીજા સ્ટુડન્ટ ની માટે કંઈક સારું કરવા ની ભાવના રાખે છે. તો વાત ચાલુ થાય છે મલ્હાર (મલ્હાર ઠાકર) કે જે એક સેલ્ફ ફાઇનાન્સ કોલજ માં અભ્યાસ કરે છે અને એ કોલેજ ના લગભગ બધાજ છોકરાઓ વંઠેલ હોય છે એમાં પણ ફિલ્મ ની મુખ્ય નાયિકા મહેક... Continue Reading →

ચાલ જીવી લઈએ!

ફિલ્મ ની વાર્તા આદિત્ય પારેખ(યશ સોની) ક્વોન્ટમ ના રાઉટર બનાવતી કંપની ને આસમાન પર પહોચાડવાંના સપના થી થાય છે, આદિ ના મતે જિંદગી માં એકલું કામ જ રહેલું છે અને તેના માટે પોતાનું કામ એ સર્વોપરી છે પરિવાર કરતા પણ ઉપર. એ જિંદગી ઘડિયાળ ના કાંટે જીવે છે અને તેની પાસે પોતાના પિતા બિપિન પારેખ... Continue Reading →

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